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Time for Tumble Dryer Action?

With lots of wet weather continuing in Auckland you may need to use your tumble dryer to get through your washing pile.  Before you start loading clothes into the tumble dryer quickly check that there is no lint hanging around

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Oven Door

An oven door that does not close properly can be caused by faulty hinges and this can make it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature for baking or cooking food.  Oven door hinges or springs get a lot of use

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Top Tips For Your Dishwasher

5 top tips for dishwashers

Dishwasher tips

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3 Handy Tips For A Happy Dryer

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Loud Noisy Washing Machine

Trying to ignore the loud sounds that come out of a noisy washing machine is difficult and it is better to check out why these annoying noises are happening to make sure that serious damage is not occurring in your

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