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Fridge Not Cold Enough


If you are finding your fridge not cold enough then the first place to check is the temperature control setting.  Sometimes this can be accidentally knocked or has been played with and it just needs to be reset to the

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Dirty Washing Machine

Sometimes when you open the lid of your washing machine it seems strange to find that the clothes you’ve just washed have dirty marks on them. Washing machines are meant to make your clothes clean and it is a real

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Tips To Avoid Washing Machine Repairs

The best thing that anyone can do to avoid problems with their washing machine is to check any pockets on clothing before putting them in your wash.  Clothing that has a handy pocket can end up containing tissues, lollipop sticks,

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Electrical Appliance Safety

Check Pockets

If you are attempting to fix your own electrical appliance it is very important that safety precautions are taken.  Fiddling with electrical wiring without knowing what you are doing can place you at risk of causing a fire or electric

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Oven Not Heating

If an oven appears to be on strike and is not heating up at all there are a couple of quick checks you should do to determine where the fault may be coming from.  First it is best to check

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