Clothes Dryer Not Starting

If you find that your clothes dryer will not start there are a couple of quick checks you should do to determine where the fault may be coming from.  The first place to check is that the socket your clothes dryer is plugged into has power.  The easiest way to test this is by plugging another small electrical appliance into the socket.  If the other appliance springs to life then the fault is specifically with the clothes dryer.
A clothes dryer not starting can sometimes be caused by the door not closing properly.  Most clothes dryers have a built in safety feature that will stop it from operating if the door catch is broken, not in alignment or does not connect with the internal door switch.  Check that the dryer door connects properly when it closes and it is not obstructed by any of the clothes inside.

If you have a clothes dryer not starting and there is not a minor issue with the door closing properly then you are best to call us for help.