Dirty Washing Machine

Sometimes when you open the lid of your washing machine it seems strange to find that the clothes you’ve just washed have dirty marks on them. Washing machines are meant to make your clothes clean and it is a real contradiction to have the opposite experience.

Those dirty marks don’t always mean you have a major problem with your machine so it is good practise to run some regular maintenance on your hard working washing machine.

Over time a build-up of dirt and excess washing powder can stick to the outer bowl of your machine. It is this scrud that can end up on your clothes during a wash.



To help remove this build-up of scrud from your bowl it is best to try running a hot wash without clothes through your machine. You may need to do more than one hot wash if it has been a long time since your machine had a cleansing hot spa.

If you are still finding dirty marks on your clothes then the outer bowl will need to be removed so it can be scrubbed clean with a brush. Let us know if you would like some help to clean up your dirty washing machine.