Dishwater Water Not Draining

Sometimes when the dishwasher door is opened you can find that the water has not drained away and there is water sitting above the filter of your dishwasher.  It is best to check that your dishwasher has finished the cycle as it will not drain away the water until the end.  Sometimes a wash cycle can be interrupted and this does not mean that  you have a fault with your dishwasher.
If the wash cycle has been completed but your dishwasher water is not draining away then it is best to check that the filters are not blocked by food or foreign objects.  Sometimes glad wrap or chunks of food can end up in the dishwasher and block the filter which stops the water from draining.  The best way to check is to carefully run your hand across the filters and pick out any objects.  After any food and foreign objects are removed you can try to use the dishwasher again.

If you clean the filters and you still have problems with the dishwasher water not draining away then it’s time to call in the appliance experts.  Let us know if you need any help to make your dishwasher function properly.