Electrical Appliance Safety

If you are attempting to fix your own electrical appliance it is very important that safety precautions are taken.  Fiddling with electrical wiring without knowing what you are doing can place you at risk of causing a fire or electric shock.  Electricity can be very dangerous and safety regulations in NZ were created to keep households safe.

Many of the home appliances used today are very complicated and need specialised knowledge to repair them correctly.  Never be complacent about repairing electrical appliances and always disconnect them from the power supply if you try to fix them.  Attempting to modify an appliance or fit non-standard parts is not advised as this can cause your appliance to be a serious hazard to everybody in your home.

Although some appliance repairs may seem simple it is best to trust those with specialised skills and experience.  Regular safety training is a requirement for these experts to hold a practising licence with the Electrical Workers Registration Board.  Unless you know what you are doing we advise that you ask for help from qualified and trained electrical professionals.  Electrical appliance safety is very important so contact us if you need help with any appliance repairs.