F & P Specialists

Butterworth Appliances specialises in Fisher & Paykel (F & P) appliance repairs in Auckland, mainly servicing around the North Shore and Rodney districts. These popular and efficient machines are available across New Zealand and we’re proud to offer our expertise for Fisher & Paykel and their family of brands, including Elba and Haier products.


Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repairs

If you have a Fisher & Paykel appliance that no longer functions to the highest standard, it might be time to have it assessed and repaired by a professional appliance specialist. Butterworth Appliances is the right team to call when dealing with Fisher & Paykel problems in Auckland.

Our technicians are fully equipped with diagnostic tools that help us accurately detect faults and make all necessary repairs, preventing you from purchasing new appliances when you don’t need to. Our goal is to save you money, time and hassles while minimising downtime at your home or business.

Washing Machine Repairs

Fisher & Paykel top-loaders and front-loading washing machines often have minor issues during use. Some common problems can occur during the cycle, interrupting the wash program and stopping the completion of a wash. We can help rectify issues with the controls, sensors, switches and balance. You can also call us for Fisher & Paykel washing machine repairs if your machine is making loud or unusual noises. We have worked with the majority of F&P washing machine models, so we know how to fix them quickly.

Clothes Dryer Repairs

When clothes dryers stop working effectively it is difficult to get through a households laundry pile. Problems can happen with switches, belts, elements, filters, doors, timers, or something else. Call us to help diagnose and fix the problem with your F&P clothes dryer as soon as you find an issue.

Kitchen Cooktop Repairs

It can be frustrating when your kitchen cooktop stops performing as it should. These problems can be caused by the switch, the element, the controls, the indicator lights or it could be a simple internal problem. Regardless, call us first for your Fisher & Paykel kitchen cooktop repair work.

Wall Oven Repairs

Call us to get your oven temperature working properly on your Fisher & Paykel wall oven, fix oven doors, replace elements and ensure everything operates well for great baking. We have the expertise and spare parts to fix any problems with your oven.

Stove Repairs

Don’t keep trying to cook on a faulty stove. Call us for high-quality repairs on elements, thermostats, switches, lights or controls so you can be sure your Fisher & Paykel stove is reaching the right temperature every time you use it.

Dishwasher Repairs

When your dishwasher isn’t cleaning the dishes properly, is making weird noises or simply isn’t doing the job like it used to, call us to repair the problems with your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher.

Refrigerator Repairs

Do not delay if your fridge stops keeping your food at a safe temperature. Can you see any ice building up or it seems to be leaking? Let us know and we’ll diagnose and fix any problems with your Fisher & Paykel refrigerator.

Freezer Repairs

We understand the importance of keeping your freezer running well, especially for larger chest freezers. Let us know if you’re experiencing any issues and we’ll conduct efficient repairs on your Fisher & Paykel freezer.

Waste Disposal Unit Repairs

When your waste disposal unit is stuck or the blades simply aren’t doing their job anymore, speak to our team for high-quality repairs on Fisher & Paykel waste disposal units.


Fisher & Paykel Appliance Servicing & Maintenance

When your appliances start to perform differently, it is usually an indicator that something is going wrong. To prevent further damage, it’s important that you have your appliance diagnosed before it completely ceases to function. At Butterworth Appliance Service, we can handle all your F&P appliance servicing and maintenance requirements including washing machines, fridges, clothes dryers, freezers and dishwashers.


Fisher & Paykel Genuine Spare Parts

Perhaps all that is needed is specialised Fisher & Paykel servicing or some genuine, high-quality replacement parts to get your appliance back to peak condition. We are equipped with all the genuine F&P parts needed to get the job done, ensuring that our repairs last as a long as possible and provide the same level of performance that you are used to.

The Beauty of Buying Fisher & Paykel

As one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands for the home or business, Fisher & Paykel are reliable and efficient. These high-quality machines have won awards in the industry for cooking appliances, large kitchen appliances and laundry appliances. That’s why we’re proud to be a specialist repair company for this great brand.

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To find out why Butterworth is Auckland’s favourite appliance repairs company, give us a call. If you are looking for repairs, maintenance servicing, or spare parts for your Fisher & Paykel appliance, give us a call on 09 479 6448 or enquire online.