Fridge Not Cold Enough

If you are finding your fridge not cold enough then the first place to check is the temperature control setting.  Sometimes this can be accidentally knocked or has been played with and it just needs to be reset to the correct temperature setting.  If the setting was wrong then simply adjust it and leave the fridge for about 6 hours so that your fridge has time to achieve the right temperature.  During this adjustment time if you are concerned about your perishable food then it is best to relocate them to make sure they stay fresh.
If you have a thermometer it can be placed inside a glass of water in your fridge to check what temperature your fridge is actually achieving.  This is the best way to determine if your fridge is cold enough as the ideal temperature for a fridge should be within 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

If you find that your control is on the correct setting but your fridge is too warm then you can adjust the control one level at a time.  A gradual change to the control is always the best way to determine where it should be positioned to achieve the right temperature.  Each time you make an adjustment to the fridge controls remember to give the fridge time to cool down to the correct temperature.

If your fridge is not cold enough after you have checked the control then it is best to get a service technician out to fix the problem so that food stored in your fridge does not spoil.

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