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Christmas 2016

An oven door that does not close properly can be caused by faulty hinges and this can make it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature for baking or cooking food.  Oven door hinges or springs get a lot of use and can become tired, bend or break.  This can mean your oven door drops open, will not stay in an upright position and is out of alignment or that the door ends up with a gap around the edges rather than forming a good seal.  Although it is possible to continue using the oven it is not particularly energy efficient to keep using your oven with faulty hinges.  When the hinges are damaged it can also mean the internal tracks that hold the hinges need to be replaced.
Before you start planning to cook your Christmas turkey it is wise to check and make sure your oven door is closing properly.  If you have an oven door not closing or aligning correctly then it would be best to book in a service now.  Don’t wait until the turkey is defrosting …. only 10 days to go!
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