Oven Not Heating

If an oven appears to be on strike and is not heating up at all there are a couple of quick checks you should do to determine where the fault may be coming from.  First it is best to check your fuse box to make sure that the fuse has not been tripped.  If your oven display is working but the oven will not heat up it could be caused by the auto function or self-cleaning mode.
Check carefully that the oven clock has not been bumped off the manual setting and reset it if you find the auto function selected.  If you have a self-cleaning mode on your oven then read the instruction manual for your oven on how to revert it back to a normal cooking mode.  Most ovens are fairly simple to reset back so that they will function correctly.If you have an oven not heating up and the cooking mode is set correctly then you should seek help from a registered electrical technician.  NZ regulations specify that repair work on an oven should always be performed by qualified and registered electrical technicians.  If you have an issue with your oven please contact us for professional help from our team of registered electrical technicians.