Sink Disposal Not Draining

Sink disposals are very useful for quickly disposing of food waste by slicing it into small bits that can easily be washed away.  A sink disposal not draining can be caused by food or foreign objects becoming clogged in the blades.  Before you try to clean out the sink disposal always make sure that the unit is off by unplugging the switch.  Never stick your hand inside a sink disposal that could accidentally be switched on as the blades will cause serious damage to your hand.
Once the sink disposal is safely disconnected from the power you can remove any food or foreign objects found inside it.  Once cleared you should be able to see the blades move freely if they are touched.  Check that the water has drained away and run a little bit of fresh water into the sink to check it is now draining properly.  If this unclogs the drain then you can plug the sink disposal back in and check it will function properly.

If you find that your sink disposal only hums when you turn it back on then it is best to contact us and arrange to have a technician call out to fix it.