Washing Machine Not Spinning

Soaking wet clothes will take a really long time to dry.  If you find that your washing machine did not spin the heavy bulk of water out of your clothes at the end of the cycle then you should first check that the clothes are not sitting to one side of the bowl.  If you find the load sitting unevenly around the bowl this will cause the machine to become unbalanced when spinning out. There can be banging noises before it stops.  Try to re-position the clothes evenly around the bowl, close the lid and retry the spin cycle.
When some washing machines spin the lid will lock to prevent accidental access to the machine while the bowl is spinning fast.  This safety feature can also stop a washing machine from starting the spin cycle.  If re-positioning your load of clothes has not worked then check that the lid is closing properly and nothing is obstructing it.  Examine how your washing machine lid sits when it is closed too.  If a lid becomes bent or damaged it may not be clicking into place and that will prevent the spin cycle from activating.There are many other reasons that can cause a washing machine to stop on the spin cycle.  If you have a washing machine not spinning and the easy checks above have not solved the problem then you should contact our friendly team of experts.

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