Washing Machine Repairs

Even a good washing machine needs extra attention every so often. Butterworth Appliances provides a full range of washing machine repair services in Auckland for most major brands of washing machines, including Fisher & Paykel, LG and other top performing brands.

Technician repairing a washing machine

Washing Machine Problem Symptoms

Modern washing machines don’t break down very often, but they can have problems that may lead to expensive issues if they’re not fixed.  You are always best to call an experienced, qualified technician for assistance when dealing with the following washing machine issues.

  • No lights, No action: Before you call us please check that the problem is isolated to the washing machine and there isn’t a fault with the power point that it is plugged into.  Living without a washing machine quickly becomes an issue for most homes, especially for active families as those dirty clothes are endless.  Electrical or electronic issues with a washing machine should always be checked over by an electrically qualified expert.
  • Stopping During Cycles: A washing machine which isn’t performing smoothly through the wash/soak/rinse/spin process may be starting to have trouble.  There are a number of issues that can cause a washing machine to stop during the cycle.  Simple problems may be solved by checking that the clothes are evenly spread around the bowl.  If a washing machine continues to stop during the cycle without an obvious reason then call us.
  • Water Leaks: Washing machines that leak water can be messy and annoying.  Sometimes water can drip into an internal area that could lead to a worse problem over time.  If they are ignored they can also end up changing from a small water leak into more of a flood.  Don’t allow a leak to continue; get your washing machine assessed and fixed before it gets serious.
  • No Water, No Wash: If you load up your washing machine with clothes then press start and no water starts to flow into the bowl the first thing to check is that the taps have not been turned off.  A lack of water flow into a machine may be a simple issue to fix but will need to be tested to confirm where the cause is coming from.
  • Unusual Noises: Weird noises, rattling, shaking and vibrations that are not normal or become louder, intrusive sounds should be assessed.  Further damage to a washing machine could be caused by not addressing the issue.  If you notice a change in the level of noise that your machine makes during the wash cycle then it could be time to book in a service.
  • Other Problems: Most washing machines are really hard working appliances that get daily use, especially in the family home.  Whether you have a front loading or top loading washer, wear and tear over time is to be expected.  If you notice a change in the way your washing machine performs the best solution is to get it serviced.  The sooner an issue is fixed, the cheaper it will cost and the better your washing machine will work.

Our Washing Machine Services

We specialise in washing machine repairs for these top brands:

  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Simpson
  • LG
  • Electrolux
  • Westinghouse
  • Smart Drive
  • Haier
  • Elba
  • Parmco
  • Kelvinator

Expect only top-quality standards of repairs from our washing machine experts. All of the work done by Butterworth Appliances’ comes with a warranty so you can trust that we will fix it properly.

Call Us for Washing Machine Repairs

If you’re looking for fast, friendly service for your washing machine, call us on 09 479-6448 or contact us online. Our professionals will fix your washing machine and have it back in good working condition for you ASAP.